【“Jiufen Classic Slow TeaTrip” One Day Tour. Discovering the Secret Places of a Mountain Town.】

Tea-tasting × Hidden Delicious Cuisine × Secret Tunnel. Plus Hand-Made Wooden Bell DIY
From ShengCheng Art Museum, travelers begin to experience art culture of ShuiJingJiu (Shuinandong +Jinguashi +Jiufen). The hand-made wooden bells symbolize the back-home expectations for family and prayers for peace and safety. At noon, we taste the hidden flavors in ShengCheng restaurant, appreciating the scenery of mountains and sea. In the afternoon, we go for savoring the classic tea in the teahouse and see the mini-movie in Shengping Theater, then go for discovering the secret gold tunnel of “the road of Chihiro,” experiencing going through the tunnel and feeling the contrasts in views, time, and space. Imagine you are in the movie scene of “spirited away”. Finally let’s go for the local cuisine of Jiufen old street.

【“Jiufen Classic Slow TeaTrip” Half Day Tour. Discovering the Secret Tunnel with the Sunset.】

Tea-tasting + Secret Tunnel + Story-Telling with Moon Mandolin
Easy half-day tour guides you to taste Jiufen teahouse’s fine tea with the fantastic scenery of mountains and sea. Travelers will go to see a mini-movie in Shengping theater excerpted from the movie “City of Sadness” and discover the Secret Gold Tunnel of “The road of Chihiro”, going back one hundred-years to old Jiufen and experiencing the tunnel of “Spirited Away” between the real world and the old town. After discovering the secret place, travelers will appreciate the sunset with “Yin Yang Sea” and taste the local cuisine of Jiufen old street. Finally the tour will end with tea flavor and moon mandolin.

【“Let’s Refresh Jiufen. Outdoor Puzzle-Solving Challenge ”】

Let’s come to Jiufen mountain town to solve a puzzle. Just like an outdoor chamber escape game, travelers uncover the mystery of Mr. B’s family background step by step, exploring Jiufen’s secret spots that people seldom visit. The game starts at Shengping Theater with a glimpse of past memories. Travelers need to solve the puzzle according to the scene and the challenge card for the next spot, continuing to go for more clues. If they win the game, travelers can gain Jiufen teahouse’s voucher, valued at NTD 300. Definitely have fun while eating and playing. We hope to the old image of Jiufen in fresh and fun ways, using a puzzle game with local teahouses’ meal design. Next time travelers will not only have photos and see the sunset but also discover the secret, local features.